Dating is also a mental issue


When I talk about dating often detected face rejection that I have around . It's like they do not want to be on the chip " dating " because he comes mental images of people discouraged with boring quotes, people going alone to places because they have no one to go or crazy sending chat messages to see if any school. I realize that people do not like this expression ! And when I ask them is to dating and finding what thoughts come to them about it , they tell me that love is not sought but emerges in the most unexpected moment , which comes by chance and that people are people dating women desperate.

I believe love is one thing and the search for love is another. As is not the same love that relationship. We can not control who we fall in love but with whom and how we relate to people . And we can also monitor and take action on the matchmaking is nothing but meet people with a predisposed mental attitude to it.

There are no coincidences !

I also believe that if you take a lot of time alone and if you expect to meet that special person happens to be an option as well and it is not my job to judge at all and actually there are couples that have emerged "apparently" well . I say apparently because when you ask how much of chance has been there, they tell you things like , "Well , I went to an exhibition and there he was ," to which I reply that then it is NOT by accident , but actually this person took the decision to go to an event that he liked . What better way to find a partner that ?

But you decide to wait for the person to "come " or decide to take advantage of a more conscious and active way ( like having online dating , going out to meet people through activities that you like , allowing you to present people ) the most important thing you must have in your head is the mental attitude . So : what 's on your mind when you meet these people.

What kind of thoughts do you have when looking couple?

I carry on business about 10 years and I swear I've met many people at the time, not just for the workplace. And while I never liked anyone and I 'm in love with another (for now) and I needed to go have coffee with people for the purpose of having "something more" . Now , I wonder what would have happened if instead of having thoughts like these :

* Live in a happy relationship

* This person is attractive and seems to like but do not want to get into trouble .

* No need to look for anyone else: I love my family .

What are the thoughts that came to my mind when consciously knew people who could be perfect candidates also have a relationship with me , I would have had thoughts like these :

* For a reed in the air nothing happens.

* Durable stable relationships do not exist

* You must occasionally change but you will get into boredom.

* I need to feel sexy again.

I guess the outcome to meet people would have been completely different do not you think ? And that had not stopped to find people "available" insurance.

And now back to matchmaking , recently, in one of the gatherings that amount, a woman she knew many men for their work and for their willingness as sociable but neither liked nor saw any thing told me would improve . When I asked what he had in mind when he knew , ie , that if he had in mind the goal of dating I made the outcry , saying how it will lift each day with a purpose and that was not so desperate , and love (of course) should arise. At the end of our conversation he confessed that he had in mind was that it was almost impossible to find someone compatible with her because she was older .

To you who are single and would like to find someone to share part of your daily hours , do you really think people ( regardless of age plus ) which finds partner thinks so ? I tell you no.

Because one thing is what you say to friends and another thing is what you really think . To me what interests me is the latter, which is what you really believe . And it seems that the " guai " ie they do not need anyone and do not want your partner, because you would be embarrassed to say that . But I do not remember you need to hang it on the wall of Facebook, and yes you think you're worthy of a good relationship.

Do you want to date people who do not believe in love, who are thinking that will not, or they think it's impossible to find anyone like her ex? Everything you think sooner or later be reflected in your actions and those thoughts are the least attractive in the world for dating, seriously.

So , now I would like but you decide how to meet people, vigiles that you say to yourself when you do that can make a difference in the success of the search of the relationship that you need both . It does not take the most positive of the planet but you adopt realistic thoughts yes while that excite you and put you in a willingness to accept potential candidates attitude. What do not you come up with any? Adopt this :

I want a stable relationship and work on it .