Does a woman ever really get the man she wants?

Do we ever really end up with the man or woman that we want to spend our time and our life with?

Does a woman always have to settle for someone she has zero attraction to just because he is nice and good to her?

It just seems to me the person we are most attracted to sexually in life is always the worst companion or person for us to possibly spend our free life moments with.

It was not that long ago I was in a situation with two different men. One alpha man I was so attracted to sexually and physically it made my body quiver endlessly with intense sexuality and desire. I was mentally insane wanting to sleep with this man every second of every day.

When I was with this alpha man I never wanted to leave him. The feelings of sexual euphoria and oozing passion I felt while entwined with this alpha man protruded endlessly from every pore on my body. My sexual drives of passionate ecstasy were endless while in this alpha mans arms. It was a euphoric feeling of pleasure I so constantly desired and craved from the second I woke up until the last second I went to bed.

Then I had another man who was a beta man who wanted to give me anything and everything I could ever desire. But, this beta man could not give me the passionate sexual excitement I so much craved and needed so bad. He was a good beta man who was honest and caring. I just didn't feel the powerful sexual lust and attraction for this beta man like the alpha man. I had no sexual desire to even lay next to this man in bed.

Trying to understand all the passionate sexual confusion reigning through my head when I was trying to fight my desire for the alpha male was confusing. Trying to figure out what my heart wanted and what my heart needed was very painful.

My heart would always hurt trying to fight my desire for the alpha male I sexually desired when I knew he was not good for me and would only bring me great passionate sexual pleasure in life but nothing more.

Figuring out what is best in life for me is not always an easy task.

I know finding a nice good compassionate caring man is important. But, what was I suppose to do when the sex was so awful and disappointing with the beta male I felt nauseated when this week beta male wanted to take me to bed or touch me?

Does A women Ever Get The Man She Really Wants In Life? I think not sometimes. This is a sad reality for a very sexual passionate woman like me that needs a dominating passionate alpha male to bring out the real woman in her.