Facebook vs dating sites : a necessary comparison

In this new technological age there are many tools you can use to get a date or make new friends . The options are so many that it is difficult to choose the most appropriate. In this article we will pit two of the leading exponents of relationships via Internet , let's face Facebook vs dating sites . Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each , and choose the most appropriate to your needs.

Facebook vs dating sites


When you have to fill the profile notes differences. A dating sites will ask for more details when it is complete, it gives you establish relationships with people most relevant to you. Furthermore, the data are sorted in a clear and understandable to anyone who enters them so .

For Facebook 's data requested are less and are presented in a disorderly , often confuse others . The photos and comments on your wall also give information about yourself, but this can be an advantage or not depending on if others get to interpret it correctly .

In summary, both tools try to show as much data about you. But a dating site makes it more accessible than Facebook and neat manner. Moreover, the purpose of dating sites is to meet new Solo , which profiles the data and its presentation , have been designed with the sole objective.

Both facebook and dating sites have privacy settings on the profile data . However it is possible that Facebook has evolved a bit more on this issue and in this network privacy options are very flexible profile , unlike many portals for dating online.


Tips for choosing a good profile picture are the same for both cases. The difference is that Facebook gives you the opportunity to upload a larger number of images to show more about you.

But Facebook has a downside . You have many careful where you label the photos because they might not get any favors . Therefore we recommend activating the control biography , so you can choose which tags you want to display on your wall and what not. In this way you will reduce this small disadvantage of the social network.


In a dating site all are registered to meet interesting people and dating, so no one will take on heavy if you want to talk . You can start a chat with whoever you want, and the only reason there is no interrupt is chemistry between them . But most important is that everyone is looking for the same .

Instead Facebook is more complicated interact with strangers because many prefer to only link with your friends. Remember that this network only a minority wants to meet new people and / or dating . However, there are tricks to get someone to accept your friend request , just put them into practice and you start a conversation with anyone.

After facing Facebook vs dating sites can see that , beyond these small discrepancies , both tools are used to start an online relationship. Note that the two were created to facilitate contacts among people , especially among those who are too timid to face someone in the face. You can use the one that's most comfortable , or both , but remember that was specially designed to find love and the other does not , which is quite possible that this complicated you a bit more connections with other singles .