What to give on the first date : tips for men


Your first encounter with the girl you like is a very special moment that will tell them if their relationship has a future or not. So it is important that you consider all those details that allow you to score points. One is able to choose correctly what to give on the first date . For make no mistake on this fundamental point , in this article we give you some ideas .

Ideas on what to give on the first date

You can opt for the traditional bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates always accepted . But if you want to do something special for her to never forget the first time I came to you , choose one of the options we give you below.

1. book

If she is interested in reading, nothing better than present her a book of your favorite author or genre. As an extra detail is very good that you dedicate a nice phrase , such as " To a very special lady , with love ."

2 . a gem

It must be something delicate that is meaningful to both. For example a pendant with the initials of the two hoops with hearts or bracelet with delicate roses. Each time you use the accessory will think of you and remember a special moment as the first time out .

3 . a notepad

It is ideal for those women with very busy work or school gift. It will be useful even if it is a girl who already has a child . This gift can also be spent on the first sheet and guarantees that every time you use it you remember with affection and gratitude .

4 . cupcakes

Choose one that has some allusive design, like hearts or flowers. It is an original gift that will surprise her safe . In addition , when sharing an atmosphere of closeness and intimacy very appropriate for a first date would be generated .

5 . Music List

It is a cheap and different gift. If you know the musical tastes of your girl , you can arm you with an online list their favorite subjects and then send him on email link . Choose songs that mean a lot to her but that also contain any message you want to convey . It will be a very romantic way to tell what it means for you.

6. technology

It is usually rare that women were much interested in the technology, but if your date a gift is an exception linked to this theme is a good choice. Depends on how much you want to invest , the gift can range from a holster for mobile or mousepad, to a portable storage disk (we recommend choosing one that has a very original design ) .

It is clear that for these types of gifts you should know something about the person you 're going out, as their tastes , interests, hobbies , etc. . So much talk with her before asking and Memorize all the details that may be helpful in thinking about what to get on the first date .