Flirt in Facebook : tips for love

    Social networking is a new space for dating . It can give very good results if you know how to use it properly. Not only let you know various information about the person you like , but also build your image in a way that is attractive . So you can use this new tool to conquer , in this post we reveal different secrets to flirt on Facebook .

First of all , you must remember that the key is constantly thinking like a publicist . By this we mean that you must be aware that everything you do on Facebook is part of a strategy of selling yourself. Then very careful what you write or you post . All should support the image you want to build .

Tips to flirt on Facebook

1. interacting

This is not as easy as it sounds . You must be well aware that any false step can lead to failure. The first is to be moderate when comment on the wall or pictures of the person you like , the idea is to look interested but not burdensome . The same rule applies to things that you upload to your wall , it is true that the more you share the more you can meet him / her with you, but do it gradually and not in your face to your contacts .

Prohibited to flirt are aggressive criticism or comments. For example, if the other is not taking photos with your ex , do not show even jealous about it because there is nothing serious between you. Nor will declare your love in haste , that might scare you .

When you talk to that special person for the chat is friendly and nice . Avoid misplaced or awkward conversations and excessive questions or monologue. Be careful with spelling and also how to express yourself, say a lot about a person.

Also find out if he or she participates in any of the games offered by Facebook and sign up too. In this relaxed atmosphere you can start a conversation easily.

Private messages are also another way of talking . But if the answer you do not despair , lets spend some time and try to get close to any of the other ways that we discussed above.

2 . Getting photos

They should be handled with care. It is best to choose the security option that allows you to accept or not the images that you are tagged . That way you will avoid your friends all over the floor pull your strategy of conquest. Just choose photos that flatter you and do not show in embarrassing situations .

Try to show you the photos in different contexts, so that together build a mosaic that allows you to discover others who you are. In addition to the comments and chat , are another element through which can show .

In short, know what is the way of relating to the person you like and properly handle the issue of the photos are two key secrets to flirt on Facebook . But it is also essential to build an attractive profile and get interested who will accept your friend request. You can find tips on these two issues in other ratings on this site. You summing all , you're a Don Juan of social networks .