How to talk to a woman on the first date : four wise advices


The ever-present throughout ingredient are first date nerves. Probably tend to make you think that everything you say is wrong, you're doing the wrong thing and you will not have success with this girl. To prevent this from happening to you, then we give different advice on how to talk to a woman on the first date and get away with it of the situation.

4 tips to talk to a woman on the first date

1. smile

Nerves never erase the joy of your presence. She should not think that you are suffering now, and that is costing out the quote below. So always smile and look into her eyes to show how happy you are dating her and how much you are interested in everything you own.

Body language also communicates , so takes pressure off the neck and hands because it shows. She will also be nervous and probably the best you can do is be who you relax the situation. Thank you .

2 . Question and account

Try to make a balance between the monologue and harassment. This means that you should not talk about you all the time , but you should not acribillarla questions because you look like an interloper .

It has interesting stories about your life and make you look good standing in front of her. Never mention your ex-partners or will you refer too depressing or embarrassing situations that may affect the climate of the appointment.

Regarding the questions about that are not too personal or intrusive non uncomfortable. Remember that there are topics that are taboo on the first date , like sex or family conflicts.

3 . Be yourself

A common mistake is to try to impress her by pretending to be someone you're not . It is best to act like you always have and you dress like you do every day. Think that will eventually discover your true personality and can get angry if you feel cheated. It is preferable to show sincere and proud of the way you are .

For that same reason you do not talk too much advise on how much you win, the cars you have, how expensive your home is or how much you spend on leisure travel or luxuries. She would only be interested if it is a superficial person and you certainly do not want to relate to that kind of women. Then try to conquer your personality is what really counts .

4 . Do not desubique

It is the golden rule. You should always be polite and not make inappropriate comments , or say bad words. Rudeness and double meaning jokes can be funny to your friends , but not for women who hope to conquer. If you want to fall under your spell , you must be a gentleman.

It all seems so obvious and simple but sure , when you are in the situation talk to a woman on the first date , you forget these details. Now you can have them always memorize to present and make that special night blast finish . Say goodbye to nerves and luck!