How many one night stands have you had in your life?

you bring the whip cream - w4m (48451, Linden, MI, Genesee County)
I want your cum on my face. I enjoy walks and fancy eating. I get one nighter turned on by that.

Evening of Relaxation - w4m 39yr (48451, Linden, Michigan)
Treat yourself to an one night stand of relaxation while I rub your bod! Email me for detailS!

One Night Stand in your neighbourhood.
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Looking for an older guy - get one night stand in 26yr (Linden, Michigan , Flint/Tri-Cities)
Fed up with young idiots who wouldn?t know where my clit was if I gave them a map to find it! Seriously young guys just don?t seem to have a clue , at least the ones I have met. Looking for a guy who actually enjoys pleasing a woman as much as he enjoys being pleased himself. Yes this is casual for me but I want pleasure from it and to not feel used afterwards. Mail m and tell me about yourself.

straight woman seeking woman for my first time - w4w 23yr (Linden, Michigan , Flint/Tri-Cities)
Hello ladies, I am a straight girl, pretty, and a virgin. I want to lose my virginity-- but not to a man. It's kind of hard to explain why, but basically I have some trust issues when it comes to men. Be kind, between 20 and 35 years old, and non-judgmental. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for both of us. Tell me a bit about one night stan If you're comfortable doing so, please send a picture with your reply.

At some point, most of you will walk out on a one-night stand without so much as a “Thanks for the sex!” >>

in town - w4m 22yr (48451, Linden, MI)
hit me up will not put up one night stand

Take out your aggression - w4m 21yr (Linden, 48451, MI , Flint/Tri-Cities)
On my ladybits. I need a man who knows how get one night stand in treat my womanhood like a real piece of meat. Who will use it for his pleasure and his aggression after a long, stressful day. The more creative the better. Use it, share it, abuse it, whatever. Tell me how. It's a sunny day in Denver. I'm by the junction of 225 and 25.

Women are funny creatures. They don't want to have anyone think that they'll do a one night stand, but there are certain things YOU can do to land a one night stand date from them >>

vcard - w4m 18yr (48451, MI, Genesee County)
An 18 yo virgin. I have a carib background, I am jamaican descent. Its not that im ruching, i just want to experience what a one night stand of my friends already have. You will need to host. And i will do anything you like, im totally submissive. reply w/ a pic.

Please - w4m 20yr (Linden, 48451 , Genesee County)
Please Please Please I am 20 years young, and I am blonde hair blue eyes, very pretty..... BUTT i need lipo in my arms. This is not a joke. I am so depressed and sick of spending hours in the mall looking for something to cover them. I will do ANYTHING for the man who buys me liposuction in my arms. I swear I would cry, it would change my life. My body is perfect, but my arms are not proportionate and its such a horrible feeling to go your whole life and not wear a tanktop or dress in public. Its degrading. I HAVE TRIED working out and all i gain is muscle in my arms, which is the opposite of what i want. Im so sad. Please change my life, even if u just want to donate, it doesnt matter, I just want to get this done, im sick of being depressed about it. Ive gotten to the point where I am begging. I know u are suppose to love yourself, but get real, I dont, i am self conscious more then anything and it is literally eating away at me every time i look in the mirror to where i really just want to starve myself until my arms melt away. I am sane, but this is bugging me extremely bad. Please find it in your heart to help me, ill do anything. YOUR one night stand GETS MINE, Let me know what u want in return!