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A Few of my Favorite Things - w4m 20yr (57005, Brandon, SD, Minnehaha County)
Smelling fresh honeysuckle as the sun goes down on a long summer day. Chocolate ice cream. Cute nicknames. Shopping. Laughing so hard tears come to my eyes. Big smiles with pretty teeth. Snuggling under fuzzy blankets. Universal Studios in one night girls Listening to live music that is so good you just can't sit still. Trying to eat with chopsticks. Soft lips. Rihanna. Being wined and dined by a true gentleman. Someone remembering my birthday. Wasting time in a hammock hung between two giant oak trees. Puppy kisses. John Mayer. Romance. Pets. Sipping margaritas on a patio with good friends. Dane Cook. Happiness. Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. Crushes. Big brown eyes. A hand resting on my hip. Getting dressed up for a night out. Surprise gifts. The smell of freshly cut grass and the smell that rain is coming. Blonde jokes. Sleeping late. Drinking cold water from a tin cup. Slightly sore muscles from a good workout. Beauty and the Beast. Riding in a new car. Kind words between two strangers. Happy babies. The color Pink. Prominent collar bones. Extra cheesy nachos. The History Channel. Baking chocolate chip cookies. Antiques. Someone calling or texting right when you want them to. Feeling safe and taken care of. Back rubs. Waking up from a good dream still smiling. Whispering. Singing while driving as if nobody were looking. Cotton candy. The song "Who Got the Hooch". Rubbing noses. Strong arms with gentle hands. Anticipation...

Love hot body and big dicks lookin to suck now!!! - w4m 21yr (Brandon, South Dakota )
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Good girl dressing and acting like a bad girl - w4m (Brandon, 57005 one night satnd hookup Minnehaha County)
Believe it or not, im married, things have been good, but I still want more. I like going out to bars, flirting with men, and having fun afterwards. My husband doesn't know/even care so what do you say? We can have a few beers, get to know ourselves a little more and who knows maybe it can become something we do more often

it is to late? - w4m 32yr (Brandon, 57005, SD )
It is late night and i am still awake .Im looking to go out wth somebody nice to have some drinks play some poker and see what hapends. generous gents please .thank get one night stand in .Send pic and cell if you are interested.

At some point, most of you will walk out on a one-night stand without so much as a ôThanks for the sex!ö >>

that spanking you deserve - w4m (57005, SD, Minnehaha County)
you know you deserve one night stand lol, send me a pic along with your replay

Prince Albert or Frenum - w4m 45yr (57005, Brandon, SD)
I'm looking for a man with the above named one night satnd hookup must be between 35 and 45, HWP, D&D free, sane and fun. You MUST be able to host in the mornings. No pictures, face too, no answer!

mornings afters are a price we pay. who cares. one night stands are, sometimes, a necessity of life. it's better to handle the aftermath with a sense of humor >>

Glorious boyfriend... - w4m 23yr (57005, Brandon, South Dakota)
Hi there,I have posted a version of this ad before... I'm trying again. áI'm looking for a boyfriend to take me out and buy me a drink after he has learned what my favorite drink is. :)áI'm 23, professional, and my close friends would probably describe me as unique mix of creative and reserved. I am not afraid to go see a show at Doug Fir by myself if I want to. I feel like most of my friends have settled into their one night stand I still have energy to go out to see music on a Tuesday night and you should too. áI have a car and a lawn and a mortgage but I try to live in the moment as much as I can... and this means I don't use drugs of any kind. I do enjoy drinks with dinner or sharing a bottle of wine and I'm pretty much a lover of any and all other hedonistic indulgences... live music, chocolate, good food, shopping, being in nature.I am equal part camper and US weekly reader. I bought Ariel Pink's latest album but in the car I rock out to the Strokes.áI can't live with cats. I must drink coffee by a certain time each day or I'm intolerable to be around. áI wish I could propagate peonies and identify warblers, but I'm mostly amateurish. I have a somewhat serious/stressful job and this means I live my personal life in a more whimsical way than serious. I do feel happier with goals but my type A tendencies sometimes take over, so I settle more often for sweet crushes on pets, flowers, the odd rock star, and how the cello sounds in Bach cello suites.You should be able to stand an art film now and then but tolerate my trashy magazine habit. It would be really cool if you liked to build things or plant gardens, as I like to dream up things to build and put in gardens.áNow why won't you write me so we can go out?á

looking for a strong man - w4m (Brandon, South Dakota )
I love to suck and have a blast. You can take me out to eat and one night stand something naughty if you want. I need a real man.