One Night Stands: Men Less Choosy Than Women

Let's experience this together... - w4m 36yr (Wise, Virginia )
It really is a dismal reality of life that 80% of gals available won't suck dick, and the twenty% that do either are terrible at it or do it to keep their man hostage for some thing they really want. I really one nighter and I do mean LOVE, to suck cock! Better yet is that i'm incredibly proficient at it, I have no gag response, and I really like to's my encouragement for a job well done. Just send me an message so we can go from there.. I cannot wait to meet up with you :)

Island girl one night stand carnations or daisies - w4m 28yr (24293, VA, Wise County)
Island girl likes carnations or daisies for my time lol............ reply with pic!

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Where are all of the men who desire a BBW? - w4m 25yr (Wise, 24293 , Wise County)
Im a women who is looking for a man who truly desires BBW. Im tired of having to wonder one-night stands he or isn't he attracted to bigger women... Im very happy and satisfied with my size and want someone who is as comfortable with me as I am. Just a good person who is drama free. Where are all of the men out there who LOVE BBW? I need you! Im very open to trying new things and just need to be satisfied by a fun and easy going person. Please don't be a sex offender or a drug abuser. Basically just some good cock:) I can play for hours!!!!

Evening of Relaxation - w4m 39yr one nighters Wise, VA, Wise County)
Treat yourself to an evening of relaxation while I rub your bod! Email me for detailS!

The animalistic element is quite present in the primordial one-night stand process. Use it to your advantage >>

Look and you will see. - w4m 35yr (Wise, 24293, VA )
Doggy style is my favorite position. one night stand like to be bent over so I can feel you hitting my cervix. The more fucking the merrier. Stroke my sweet spot and make me cum.

yah! Leaks for a hitting me type - w4m (24293, Wise, Virginia)
I love to wear kinky outfits. Which is your favorite? We can roleplay and then fuck. That stand one night turn me on like crazy.

Women are funny creatures. They don't want to have anyone think that they'll do a one night stand, but there are certain things YOU can do to land a one night stand date from them >>

Geeky white girl 4 sexy black guy - w4m 26yr (Wise, Virginia )
Mid-20s single white female in San Diego who would like to meet an attractive African-American guy and see what it leads to. If there is one night stand chemistry...who knows? I am def attracted to black guys but not sure if they find me good-looking. I am def a little on the shy side, but not once I get to know someone. Um, as far as age range, I would say 21 to 25 but I am pretty open minded in that regard. I would say I am def attracted to guys with lean/toned bodies. Also with a lil attitude, aka swag. Me? Well, I am def a geek type and am on the tall side but rather skinny , um, long legs, wide hips, small chest . I have fairly long reddish/brown hair, and I am 100 percent Irish :-) I like fun music and also a little country and some hip-hop. I don''t drink but I do smoke a lil weed now and then, but not often.

Who's up for a Russian joke? courtesy Wikipedia... - w4m 24yr (24293, Wise, VA)
A one night stand a German, and a Russian go on a safari and are trapped by cannibals. They are brought to the chief, who says, "We are going to eat you right now. But I am a civilized man, I studied human rights at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, so I'll grant each of you a last request." The German asks for a mug of beer and a bratwurst. He gets it, and cannibals eat him. The French asks for three girls. He has crazy sex with them, and then follows the German. The Russian asks: "Hit me hard, right on my nose." The chief is surprised, but hits him. The Russian pulls out a Kalashnikov and shoots all the cannibals. The mortally wounded chief asks him: "Why didn't you do this before we ate the German?", the Russian proudly replies: "Russians are not aggressors!" Anna Chapman below.